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Notes, thoughts and happenings from Edgar Fortune, GICS Founder and CEO
New Partnership!
GICS is proud to announce a new partnership with WEEFCA - the West End Eco Fishing Camp in the Bahamas.  

"Some of the most important lessons children are taught in life were from caring parents, teachers and mentors who passed their knowledge and wisdom on to the next generation."

Keith and Linda Cooper, WEEFCA Founders, the Board of Directors, volunteers, police officers and partners all share one common goal and that is to reach out to the children before they turn to a life of crime and drug abuse.

Conservation & Restoration of the Bahamian Island, Sandy Cay
by Edgar Fortune
The Exuma islands are located in the Bahamas -- 35 miles south-east of Nassau or about 90 minutes by air from Miami. The Exu-mas are a collection of over 365 cays and islands stretching over 120 miles with the two main islands of Great Exuma and Little Exuma. The total population consists of approxi-mately 7,500 people. The people rely on farming, fishing and tourism for their livelihood. These once obscure, small islands are now a very popular tourism destination in the Caribbean. ...(Click here to read the full article originally published in the PNW Herpetological Society Newsletter)
Ricky Returns to Bimini
Thanks to your generous donations and a grant we have raised the necessary funds to send Ricardo Escobar to Bimini Island for 4 weeks to conduct further research and conservation efforts on behalf of the Bimini Boa.  He'll be there for most of April 2010. Update, Ricky has captured an implanted ten boas with radio transmitters.
Dec. 30 GICS just received a grant from the Rufford Foundation in London. This will allow us to begin phase II of the removal of the invasive Australian pine from Sandy Cay, Bahamas in early spring 2011. Phase II of the project is complete. May 18-28 We completed 80-90% of the project.
From May 8-22, 2012, GICS was in the Bahamas on Sandy cay doing close to the final phase of this restoration project. We also did two school out-reach programs. We are so close to completing this project that we don't need to bring chainsaws back. What a relief that is!
August, 2013