Maned Wolfe Conservation
Serra De Canistra, Brazil

Joares Adenilson May Júnior, one of the GICS board members and native of Brazil, is a conservationist working on behalf of the maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) in Brazil and GICS is proud to highlight his work in this area.

Joares, a doctor of veterinary medicine, has been working directly with the wolves since 2004. He is also currently working with the endangered lowland Tapir in the same area. 

For information about these important efforts and about the unique maned wolf, Connect magazine has an excellent article highlighting the animals and the efforts of Joares and others to help save them. 


Connect Magazine, November 2007.

Excerpt: The endangered maned wolf is the largest canid in South America and a strikingly unique member of the canine family. Field conservation efforts supported by AZA’s Maned Wolf SSP are helping to preserve the maned wolf along with the critically endangered grasslands it calls home.