Jaguar and Puma studies
South Eastern Brazil

Caatinga is a dry/arid land in south eastern Brazil, a country normally associated with the lush Amazon rain forest, while the savannas here are more akin to a desert.  This is a global biodiversity hotspot where large agriculture projects are a threat to the ecosystem. 

Board member Joares May is working in Grande Sertao Veredas National Park in conjunction with NFO Biotropicos biologist Edsel Amorim Jr. studying Jaguars and Cougars as a top predator for habitat quality indicators and umbrella species as a biodiversity maintainer.  

The efforts to study the big cats begins with camera traps stalking the subject remotely to learn their patterns, territories and predictability.  Once understood individuals are trapped and  fitted with radio telemetry collars to estimate populations and range while samples are taken and sent to laboratories for analysis to study and monitor the health of the animals. 

Supported by the findings of researchers in this critical area the ultimate goal is to conserve this critical habitat by having the Brazilian government designate the new national park; Boqueirao da Onca.