Dave Grubbs -American Kestrel Nesting Box Efforts
GICS is eager to work with other like minded conservation efforts even those here in our home state of Washington in the USA.  

We would like to highlight the conservation efforts of Dave Grubbs, a 28 year zoo veteran, who has been working in cooperation with the Department of Fish and Wildlife and Washington State Parks on behalf of the American Kestrel. 

Dave is supplying the birds with alternative nesting boxes installing them in Ginkgo State Park in Vantage Washington near the Columbia River. 

American Kestrels traditionally build their nests in tree cavities however due to habitat destruction from agricultural efforts and habitat lost they simply don't have the trees available to nest in.  

One of America's smallest species of falcons, it is hoped that these nesting boxes will be accepted by the birds and help to maintain and repopulate the species.

As we receive news on the outcome of these efforts we will post an update to this page.  

As a volunteer for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, funds are also needed to assist in Dave's additional ongoing projects. 

Dave has been constructing and maintaining rainwater catchments systems in Eastern Washington since 2005. These are used  to help support a more diverse population of native wildlife in these areas.

Rainwater collector rebuilt in the  summer of 2007
Dave Grubbs with one of the nesting boxes, Vantage WA