Research Projects and Field Work
GICS and Partner Organizations 
Turks and Cacios Islands
Invasive Species Removal

Bimini Boa Research Project 
In partnership with Loma Linda University

Australian Pine Removal, Sandy Cay
June 2009, May 2011, and May 2012 invasive plant species removal on Sandy Cay, Bahamas 
Iguana Research Project
Sandy Cay, Exuma Island chain, Bahamas

Jaguar and Puma studies
Grande Sertão Veredas national Park, Brazil

American Kestrel Nesting Boxes
Vantage Washington, Friends of GICS

Maned Wolf Conservation
Serra De Canastra National Park, Brazil

Bahamian Flora and Fauna
Species which GICS and it's affiliates have engaged with in the Bahamas. 

Reference List of Bahamian Islands 
There are far more than you might have guessed! 

       Edgar Fortune with a Cuban Boa