Edgar M. Fortune

Founder & CEO  
Global Insular Conservation Society 
A 501 (C) (3) Corporation

Naturalist and conservationist with over 20 years experience on the staff of Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle WA.  

Edgar has always had a special interest in the flora and fauna of the Caribbean and is focusing his efforts at helping those isolated ecosystems which so badly need it.          

Board of Directors

- Edgar M. Fortune
  Founder and CEO

- Najat Cola
  Business Consultant/Vice President 
  Environmental Consultant
- Dorian Tremaine
- Jacquilyn Tindal 
  Grant Writer & Fundraiser  
- Art Wolfe 
  World-renowned Wildlife Photographer & Naturalist             
  Film TV Executive Producer/ Health, Safety
   Environmental Consultant
- Michael Hutchins, Ph.D.
   Partner/Director of Conservation and Science
   for World Safaris/Safari Professionals
Edgar Fortune, Bahamas

Board of Advisors